Latest Maggot Stomp titles hitting the distro

Here’s something that many of you have been waiting for a long time… We just had a confirmation that the Maggot Stomp stuff is on the way. So we’re going to put everything on pre-order this Friday 10th January. You’ll find everything on the new stock page.

We’re only going to allow one copy per customer for all the vinyl releases, to keep things fair for everybody. The products will be going live at 6pm GMT (London time), so that hopefully gives you enough time to browse the web store half an hour beforehand, if you want to, and select anything else you want in your order.

One more thing: I just want to make absolutely sure that all of you read what it says here and on the product pages. These are PRE-ORDERS, so you won’t receive your items immediately. We’re expecting it to be about 3 weeks, but things in customs could take a bit longer. I need to make very clear that if you place a pre-order and then raise a PayPal claim a few days later, you will be banned from ordering anything from the web store or our Discogs ever again. So please just be patient. Take a look at our FAQs page for more info about pre-orders and shipping.