The Best Death Metal Albums of 2019

Best death metal albums of 2019

Best Albums of 2019

These are my top 10 albums of 2019. I could have added a couple more releases here if I’m honest, but I’ve been trying to avoid the same records that everybody else has in their ‘best of the year’ lists.

Obviously I’ve not listed any of my own album releases below, to keep things fair. This is in no order of preference, however the first on my list – Deiquisitor – is actually the record I’ve been playing more than any other this year. If you haven’t listened to the record yet, you should move your ass and get a copy.

  1. Deiquisitor – Towards Our Impending Doom (Night Shroud)
  2. Pissgrave – Posthumous Humiliation (Profound Lore)
  3. Imprecation – Damnatio Ad Bestias (Dark Descent)
  4. Blue Hummingbird On The Left – Atl Tlachinolli (Iron Bonehead, Nuclear War Now!)
  5. Malignant Altar – Retribution of Jealous Gods (Maggot Stomp)
  6. Ossuarium – Living Tomb (20 Buck Spin)
  7. Vile Apparition – Depravity Ordained (Blood Harvest)
  8. Concrete Winds – Primitive Force (Sepulchral Voice)
  9. Crematory Stench – Grotesque Deformities (Blood Harvest)
  10. Teitanblood – The Baneful Choir (NoEvDiA)

Best Death Metal Demos of 2019

I’d also like to mention a bunch of demo tapes, as I think that in particular Extremely Rotten, Headsplit and Maggot Stomp have been doing a very good job this year. I’m going to just mention five which I think are, in my modest opinion, the best demos of this year. In no order of preference:

  1. Mortal Wound – Forms of Unreasoning Fear
  2. Ulcerot – Necuratu
  3. Mephitic Corpse – Immense Thickening Vomit
  4. Chaotian – Festering Carcinolith
  5. Burnt Decay – Demo 2019

– Jesus