Hyperdontia – A Vessel Forlorn
Miscarriage – Imminent Horror
Nucleus – Entity
Torso – Demonic Vomiting
Decomposed – The Funeral Obsession
Astriferous – Raise High The Scepter Of Indulgence
Gutless – Mass Extinction
Mortal Wound – Forms Of Unreasoning Fear
Hyperdontia – Nexus Of Teeth
Corpsessed – Impetus Of Death
Faceless Burial – Multiversal Abattoir
Split EP by Undergang & Gorephilia
Undergang, Gorephilia – Split EP
Dead Void – The Looming Spectre
Noose Rot – The Creeping Unknown
Moenos Call From The Grave II
Moenos – Call From The Grave II
DungeönHammer – Infernal Moon
Undergang – Til Døden Os Skiller
Burial Invocation
Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis
Sonic Poison – Combat Grind
Cryptworm – Verminosis
Galvanizer – Sanguine Vigil
Void Terror
Void Terror – Soul Harvest
Early Death demo
Early Death – The Bleakest Force
Moenos – Call From The Grave
DELIRIUM – Zzooouhh + Demos DLP
Delirium – Zzooouhh
Infamata by Sheidim
Sheidim – Infamata
Insurgency – Militant Death Cult
Necrophile – Awakening Those Oppressed
Undergang – Misantropologi
Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades
Sonic Poison – Harsh Demonstration…
Fuil Na Seanchoille – Hunger
Anatomia, Undergang – ディケイ
Undergang, Anatomia – Graven Som Fængsel
Deiquisitor – Sword of Pestilence
Chronic Decay – Ecstasy In Pain
Gorephilia – Severed Monolith
Dungeon – English Hell
Dungeon – Purifying Fire
Dungeon – Purifying Fire
Phrenelith – Desolate Endscape
Vapour – Violent Primitive Force
Sheidim – Shrines Of The Void
Nucleus – Sentient
Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages
Undergang – Døden Læger Alle Sår
Malicious – Black Fumes
Abjvration – The Unquenchable Pyre
Godless – Sic Luceat Vacuum Nostrum
Intemperator – Blood Blackened Atriums
Swallowed – Lunarterial
Sheidim – Sheidim
Funerary Pit – The Titan Sea
Binah – A Triad Of Plagues
Wormridden – Festering Glorification
Ataraxy – The Festival / The Tomb
Trenchrot – Necronomic Warfare
Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds
Ghastly – Carrion Of Time
Deathcult – Pleading For Death… Choking On Life
Kever – Eon Of Cycling Death
Respawn The Plague – Gathering Of The Unholy Ones
Feretrum – From Far Beyond
Intemperator – Stigmas Of Unspeakable Appetites And Carnal Voracity
Undergang – Søm Til Din Ligkiste
Ruido De Rabia – Pequeñas Reliquias De Un Infanticida
Senobyte – Senobyte
Indesinence – Vessels Of Light And Decay
Engulfed – Through The Eternal Damnation
Krypts – Unending Degradation
Cthonic Aura – Abyssic Reflections In Slumber
Megatomb – Louder Than A Thousand Deaths
Ataraxy – Revelations Of The Ethereal
Intemperator – Howls Of The Intemperate
Malicious – Mental Illness
Gorephilia – Embodiment Of Death
Binah – Hallucinating In Resurrecture
Wormridden – Infesting The Grave
Exanthema, Chronic Decay – Exanthema / Chronic Decay
Necrophile – Mementos In The Misting Woods
Sex Messiah – Hymn Of The Apocalypse
Morbus Chron – Sleepers In The Rift
Organismos – Manejos Invisibles
Corpsessed – The Dagger & The Chalice
Fuil Na Seanchoille – Fuil Na Seanchoille
Gorephilia – Ascend To Chaos
Necrowretch – Putrefactive Infestation
Ataraxy – Curse Of The Requiem Mass
Miasmal – Miasmal
Undergang – Hævntørst
Stench Of Decay – Visions Beyond Death
gorephilia in death
Gorephilia – In Death
Krypts – Krypts
Devourment – Shallow Grave
Morbus Chron – Creepy Creeping Creeps
Veternus – Awaken The Grave!!!
Indesinence – Neptunian
Evoke, Mordbrand – Evoke / Mordbrand
Burial Invocation – Rituals Of The Grotesque
Chronic Decay – Justify Your Existence
Miasmal – Creation Of Fire / Bionic Godhead Erase
Krypts – Open The Crypt Demo 2009
Undergang – Indhentet Af Døden
Stench Of Decay – Where Death And Decay Reign