This page is usually a more comprehensive list than the Me Saco Un Ojo page on Discogs, when we remember to update it. It’ll give you an idea about the current roster, our upcoming releases and back catalogue. You’ll find the titles we still have in stock on the MSUO Releases shop page.

Last updated: 4 July 2020

ossuary supreme degradation LP vinyl
Ossuary – Supreme Degradation
Decomposed logo
Decomposed – Laid to Waste
Cadaveribus – Open The Gate Demo
Fleshrot – Demo 2020
Faceless Burial – Speciation
Cryptworm EP cover
Cryptworm – Reeking Gunk Of Abhorrence
had debut
HAD – Debut
Hyperdontia – Excreted From The Flesh
Astriferous – The Lower Levels of Sentience
Ulcerot – Necuratu
Sonic Poison / Axeslaughter – Split
Swampbeast / Voidterror split
Swamp Beast, Void Terror – Split
Rothadás – Rothadás
Fuil Na - The Crossing
Fuil Na Seanchoille – The Crossing
Chaotian final sleeve cover
Chaotian – Festering Excarnation
Undergang – Ufrivillig Donation Af Vitale Organer
Call from the Grave III cover
Moenos – Call From The Grave III
Hyperdontia – A Vessel Forlorn