Ulcerot & Sonic Poison / Axeslaughter 7″s pre-order

Tomorrow we will have another pre-order alongside the Maggot Stomp stuff, which will consist of the first two releases for MSUO this year: Ulcerot – Necuratu 7″ and the Sonic Poison / Axeslaughter split 7″.

At this point I’m sure many of you know who Ulcerot are, but for those who don’t know yet it’s a new project from members of Pissgrave, Deiquisitor and Undergang. Two tracks on wax, and they sound like a fucking racket.

For the split 7″, from Axeslaughter we have one intro and one regular track that’ll make you feel like you’ve been on LSD for the last couple of days. And you know the deal with Sonic Poison – pure repulsion worship – these are three new tracks in advance of the band’s upcoming full-length. Hear one track from each band of the split 7″ right here:


Both of the 7”s are very limited. The Sonic Poison/Axeslaughter split will come on neon green vinyl and the Ulcerot will be on clear vinyl.

We have a lot of exciting releases to come in 2020, but you can expect the following to hit the shelves soon:
  • Chaotian – Festering Excarnation 12″
  • Hyperdontia – Excreted From the Flesh 7″
  • Moenos – Back From The Grave III tape
  • Astriferous – The Lower Levels of Sentience 12″
  • Cryptworm – Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence MLP
  • Decomposed demo compilation 2LP
  • Ataraxy – Revelations Of The Ethereal repress
  • Hyperdontia – Nexus Of Teeth repress
  • Undergang – Misantropologi repress