Maggot Stomp restock news, Ulcerot 7″ stock update

Thank you to everyone who bought any of our new releases or the Maggot Stomp releases yesterday, and sorry to everyone who missed out. As you’d expect we had only a limited amount of Maggot Stomp stock, and at least six times that amount of people were on the site trying to buy the same things at the same time. There were going to be a lot of disappointed people whichever way it worked out.

However, we have some good news – we are working with Maggot Stomp to restock everything again and hopefully we will have all of those records again at some point next month.

Also, if you forgot to add something to your cart during the rush yesterday, or if you see something on the store in the next few weeks which you want to add to your order before everything’s sent out, drop us a line and we’ll sort it out for you.

One more thing – half of the copies of the Ulcerot 7” are gone now and besides Dark Descent, Iron Bonehead, Extremely Rotten, Dawnbreed and maybe Blood Harvest, I don’t think you’ll see that record anywhere else. This will be a one-time pressing, we’ll not be repressing the Ulcerot 7”.