Finnfest 2020 lineup

Sublime Terror are putting on a festival of solid Finnish death metal in London on the weekend of 15th-16th February. We’ll be doing a stall with label releases, distro stuff, plus some used and classic vinyl.

Make sure you get tickets before they sell out, so you don’t miss out on seeing the following line-up: Demilich, Skepticism, Sadistik Forest, Rippikoulu, Lie In Ruins, Corpsessed, Krypts, Gorephilia, Craven Idol, Galvanizer, Sepulchral Curse, Lantern, God Disease, Solothus and Cadaveric Incubator.

If you can’t make it, be sure to check out Sublime Terror Fest later in the year where you can catch Grave, Master, Pissgrave, Cruciamentum, Nocturnus A.D., Fetid, Burial Invocation, Hyperdontia and more on the same bill.

Finnfest 2020 flyer