Asakusa Deathfest: Web store orders fulfilled after 23rd October

I’m leaving for Japan tomorrow, to join Undergang, Phrenelith, Wormridden and Faceless Burial at Asakusa Deathfest. The web shop will stay open but we won’t be back in business until the 23rd October. I managed to ship all the pending orders except for the ones containing the latest Dark Descent releases due to a delay with the arrival of those records. We’ve done a big update on the web store, you can find the new Mortiferum, Vacivus, Teitanblood, I think all the Maggot Stomp stuff has already sold out and there are only a few copies remaining of the Wormridden limited edition, it’s already sold out on Bandcamp. I won’t be answering too many emails while I’m away, so please be patient.

I cannot fucking wait to see Faceless Burial and Wormridden.

– J