Wormridden – “Festering Grave” pre-sale next week

Wormridden’s “Festering Grave” will be available to pre-order on Tuesday at 6pm BST. The limited edition is a glow in the dark vinyl which comes with a postcard, a badge and a bunch of maggots. You won’t find the limited edition anywhere else other than mesacounojo.com or at the Asakusa Deathfest Wormridden show on Monday.

Wormridden glow in the dark vinyl record

Next week we’ll have a distro update which includes some of the Maggot Stomp releases – Encoffinized and Malignant Altar 12”s. We’ll only be allowing one copy per customer for all the records mentioned above. We’ll also have the Mortiferum, Vacivus and possibly the new Teitanblood records up for sale.