Pre-Orders Update, October 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of activity planned for this week, so we will be providing updates every day.

📦 First, let’s address the pending orders.

👕 There was a small delay in the delivery of the Undergang T-shirts. However, we now have them in stock, so they are currently being shipped.

🇪🇺 EU orders: Most of the orders placed on that were selected to be shipped from the UK are almost complete. Orders that were selected to be shipped from Lithuania, as well as the pending orders from the store that include Reverence to Paroxysm vinyl, Undergang T-shirts and/or the new Undergang MLP, will most likely be shipped by the end of this week.

💿 We are still awaiting the arrival of the Reverence to Paroxysm CDs. However it seems that the manufacturing issue Dark Descent had with these CDs has been resolved now, so they will be on their way soon.

📦 The Morpheus Descends CDs have arrived and we have shipped most of the orders. However, we are still waiting for the vinyl version. The records arrived at Dark Symphonies on Friday and should be on their way to us very soon.

💀 As for orders containing items from Rotted Life, they will remain on hold for at least another two weeks. Unfortunately there has been a problem with the Pustilence vinyl, which is causing a delay in the shipment.

❓If you have any general questions about a pending order, if possible please leave a comment on this Instagram post or this Facebook post, so I don’t have to repeat the same information in multiple messages. Thank you!