New Undergang / Anatomia split LP and Miasmatic Necrosis ‘Apex Profane’ repress pre-orders

The new Undergang / Anatomia split LP contains two new tracks from Anatomia that were recorded during the Corporeal Torment recording sessions. The other side features three new tracks from Undergang that were recorded during the Aldrig I Livet sessions.

There are four different variants that will be going up for pre-order today. The yellow version is an exclusive for Dark Descent, they’ll also have a few copies of the black vinyl and green vinyl for sale. The blue version will be available only from Me Saco Un Ojo, we’ll also have the black vinyl and green vinyl versions.

We’re also going to print two T-shirts exclusively for this release, one Undergang and one Anatomia with the same artwork. You can hear two tracks now (see below).

In other news, the Miasmatic Necrosis – ‘Apex Profane’ European pressing, available on limited red and green splatter and classic black vinyl, is due to arrive at MSUO HQ in the third week of April. It will be going up for pre-order alongside the represses of the following three MSUO titles: Hyperdontia – ‘Nexus Of Teeth’, Chaotian – ‘Festering Excarnation’ and Undergang – ‘Misantropologi’.

Expect all of this plus the Sedimentum promo tape and new Dark Symphonies releases up on from 7pm GMT tonight, Friday 4th March.