Cryptworm debut album ‘Spewing Mephitic Putridity’ pre-orders and a big distro update

The full length debut album from Cryptworm will be released next month. Hear the first track right now! The vinyl version will be released by Me Saco Un Ojo Records, CDs will be released by Pulverised Records and tapes by Extremely Rotten Productions.

Pre-orders for the CD and vinyl versions begin this Friday 4th Feb, right here and on the MSUO Bandcamp page.

The limited splatter version of the Cryptworm, which comes with a poster, will only be available from but the black vinyl will be available from here and Bandcamp. We’ll be limiting the splatter version to one copy per person.

The Cryptworm and Malignant Altar records will be up for sale on at 7pm GMT. All the other records from 20 Buck, Blood Harvest, Profound Lore etc mentioned below, and the Malignant Altar T-shirts, will be available to add to your basket from 6.40pm GMT.

More to come this Friday…

Malignant Altar’s vinyl and T-shirts **will** be up for sale this Friday. There will be quite a few copies of the white vinyl and a small amount of black vinyl. We’ll only allow one copy per person, no bullshit.

Four great releases from Profound Lore, Carbonized and Nuclear Winter have landed in the office over the last few days. We have a small restock of the Antichrist Siege Machine, the debut album from Apparition, the new Funeral Chant album on vinyl and the CD version of the new Phrenelith.

From NWN! we’ll have both Mystifier represses, both Leviathan represses, the Phobia repress, Salem repress, Genocidio repress and the latest Pneuma Hagion and The Funeral Orchestra albums on vinyl.

It’s been a while since we’ve had anything from Dawnbreed, but a box with all the latest releases just arrived. It includes the Cosmic Conqueror / Barbaric Howler split LP, Evulse – Pustulant Spawn 12”, Phantasmagore – …Abominations 7”, Self Loathing – Seasonal Depression 7”, Pyre – Chained to Ossuaries LP, Incarceration – Empiricism MLP and the Larvae – Sickening Cadaveric Perversion 7’’.

We’ll have a bunch of Iron Bonehead releases up too, which will include the Katavasia – ‘Invoking The Spirit Of Doom’ ‎7’’, Moonblood – ‘The Evil Rules’ (Rehearsal 2), Moonblood – ‘Domains Of Hell’ (Rehearsal 12), Cult Of Eibon – ‘Black Flame Dominion’ LP, Malgöth – ‘Glory Through Savagery’ LP, Orgrel – ‘Red Dragon’s Invocation’ LP and the Sorguinazia – ‘Negation of Delirium’ LP.

Two new releases and one repress from 20 Buck Spin will be up for pre-order also, they are ‘Foreverglade’ LP by Worm, ‘Tide Turns Eternal’ LP by Dream Unending and Cerebral Rot’s ‘Odious Descent Into Decay’ LP.

Finally we’re getting the following titles from Blood Harvest and they will be up for pre-order here tomorrow: Blaspherian ‘Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation’ LP, Perilaxe Occlusion – ‘Raytraces Of Death’ MLP, Sněť – ‘Mokvání V Okovech’ (Re-press) LP, Cadaveric Fumes – ‘Echoing Chambers Of Soul’ LP and the Charnel Altar – ‘Abatement Of The Sun’ CD.

When to expect it

So you guys don’t have to be in a hurry, all of this and the other distro updates will go live 20 minutes before the Cryptworm and Malignant Altar stuff, which will be up at 7pm GMT. So in an attempt to make the experience less stressful, be ready from 6.40pm GMT to add these items to your basket beforehand.

EU customers

This is very important. Most of the orders will again be shipped from Lithuania, which means we’ll be first shipping everything from the UK and then the warehouse in Lithuania will be posting your orders. This obviously means it will take longer, but it will save you customs fees.

If you think you’ll have a problem waiting, or you’re going to send us messages every day asking about your order, please do not order from us! Please instead wait for the records to be available from your local distro. We are doing our best under the difficult circumstances (Brexit, covid) and cannot accommodate additional bullshit. Hope you understand.

Also – standard post without tracking has been disabled for EU customers, so from now on all EU orders come with tracking. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep on top of our announcements.

Cryptworm poster