Distro update: Hyperdontia / Mortiferum, Engulfed & Spectral Voice / Blood Incantation pre-orders

Everything mentioned on this page will be going up for pre-order from 6pm GMT / 1pm EST / 10am PST here on mesacounojo.com, on Friday 6th November 2020.

We’re going to have a big distro update happening tomorrow. Besides the new MSUO releases, we have quite a lot of new records from a bunch of (mainly American) labels hitting the distro. More info about that down below, but first the MSUO stuff…

Fleshrot just finished recording their new album, which will be out at the beginning of next year in the US through Desert Wastelands Productions and in Europe through MSUO. We’re going to have up for sale on Friday an advance promo tape, consisting of three tracks from the upcoming album and we’ll be streaming one of the songs. The tape will be limited to 200 copies.
Please keep in mind that Desert Wastelands will also be doing a round of promo tapes (with the same tracks) for American customers.

Since the release of the Supreme Degradation LP many of you have requested Ossuary merch, so we’re doing a run of Ossuary T-shirts.

Those and the new Engulfed mini LP will be up online tomorrow too, along with the Hyperdontia / Mortiferum split 7’’. All of these will be pre-orders

Please remember that the Hyperdontia / Mortiferum is a split release with Carbonized Records from America, and they will have both versions in stock.

A few things that you guys should be aware about:

  • We’re having a bit of an issue with the web store sending emails, so there’s a chance that you won’t receive your order confirmation email immediately after, maybe you’ll receive it the following day. We’re trying to fix this problem right now.
  • Most likely everything that we’ve been announcing this week will arrive ***before*** the new Undergang LPs. I know that many of you have a pending order, so if you want me to combine your pending order with your new order (to save on shipping) please leave a note at checkout with your previous order number – this is very important! – so be prepared.
  • Some of the records we’re putting up for pre-order tomorrow are pressed in limited numbers. I do understand that you may order for you and your mate, however if I see anyone ordering multiple copies of the limited editions I will cancel and refund the order. I’m setting this now at 2 limited editions per title per customer, maximum, to avoid any doubt.
  • We will be increasing the resources on the website tomorrow, so everything should be running smoothly.

Distro updates

The first delivery we’re expecting to arrive is the new Maggot Stomp stuff. You will be able to find tons of tapes, CDs and three vinyl releases which include both Fluids records and the Kommand record.

All the new Extremely Rotten Productions releases are going up too, this includes the Septage tape, Blood Incantation/Spectral Voice repress, Spectral Voice demos, the Grotesque Infection LP and the Obscurity demos 12”.

Most of the new NWN! releases will be up for sale too, including the Voor repress, Vensor, Amputation, the new Stargazer LP and some restock of previous releases.

We are also expecting a big shipment from 20 Buck Spin, of some new titles and some restock.

20 Buck records