New Hyperdontia and upcoming Decomposed, Deiquisitor, Undergang and Cruciamentum releases

We are going to start taking orders for Hyperdontia “A Vessel Forlorn” tomorrow at 5pm BST. There is as usual a limited edition on clear yellow as well as the standard black vinyl.

On July 2nd we will have some new records available for pre-order that I’m guessing many of you will want including the Decomposed MLP, the new Deiquisitor LP, the repress of Cruciamentum’s “Charnel Passages” on clear vinyl, and also the repress of the first and third Undergang LPs on clear vinyl.
So if you wish to reserve your copy of the Hyperdontia record but want it shipped with the other records mentioned here, just leave me a note at checkout and we’ll refund any difference in postage later.

Video by Joe Knowles.