Crypt of the Wizard releases Grave Dust demo

Our friends from the Crypt just put a 12″ version of one of my favourite demos from the last year on pre-order, Grave Dust – The Pale Hand.

We’re going to have some copies for sale at the same time as the Deiquisitor, Decomposed and Xysma releases are going on sale next month. However, there’s a very limited edition up for pre-order on the Crypt of the Wizard web store right now, so you should grab one of those copies before it’s too late.

“Five hypnotic hymns of old school Death Metal devastation from the putrid Portland scene. Grave Dust play the kind of brutal, straight ahead Death Metal that only the nastiest nightmares are made of, fast and furious, and pulsating with low end synths invoking 1980’s horror film soundtracks.”

Looking forward to hearing more from this band!