Phrenelith: Desolate Endscape repress update and April mini-tour

Thanks to the pointless pain in the ass that is Record Store Day, there’s a big delay with the repress of Desolate Endscape. We’re expecting to have it here by the end of June, we’ll keep you updated via this blog and social media.

In the meantime the band are going on a small tour, here’s more from the Phrenelith Facebook page:

We will be doing a small minitour of central Europe at the start of April! All new places where our pestilent presence hasn’t been felt before. The slaughter is imminent!

Dates are:
Wien, Austria – 5th April
Slavonice, Czech Republic – 6th April
Breclav, Czech Republic – 7th April

phrenelith flyer
phrenelith flyer
phrenelith flyer