Distro update from Dawnbreed, Darkness Shall Rise, NWN!, Osmose, and more

This Friday is a busy one, alongside the new Mortal Wound album pre-orders, we have a huge distro update. Details are below.

First up… We’re expecting a significant drop from Osmose featuring all the new releases, primarily the represses of records from Massacra, Belial, Infesdead, and Massacre. We’re also restocking a big selection of classic records, including Angelcorpse, Impaled Nazarene, Marduk, Immortal, Gorement, Sadistik Exekution, Deeds of Flesh, Black Witchery, Revenge, Disastrous Murmur, and Samael.

Pre-orders will be available for two new releases from Dark Descent. These include the new Strychnos album and the new Adversarial album, which will be available in three different vinyl variations.

We will also have the new split 7’’ from Sequestrum and Sněť, courtesy of Extremely Rotten Productions.

Additionally, we will be stocking the new Dripping Decay 12’’ from Satanik Royalty Records, and the new Finnish tribute compilation cassette from Noxious Ruin.

We’re expecting an update from 20 Buck Spin, which will likely include the new albums from Hulder, Slimelord, Witch Vomit, Dissimulator, and Civerous, plus the Corpus Offal demo tape. We will have some colour variants.

We’re getting in the new stuff from Dawnbreed Records, including the latest Larvae 7’’, the new Furnace Floor 12’’, and the new cassettes from Savage and Møremyrk.

We will have pre-orders available for both new releases from Darkness Shall Rise. This includes a compilation of early work from Unleashed titled ‘Before the Creation of Time’, and ‘The Fell Tyrant’ by Idle Ruin. Both will be available in two different vinyl variations. We anticipate their arrival in early May.

From now on, we’ll be stocking all the vinyl releases from Darkness Shall Rise. So, any new release by them will be available on our web store.

And the madness continues… We just received a large shipment from F.O.A.D. Records. This Friday, the following items will be available: The Schizo repress, the Siege repress, new releases from Incinerator and Crionic, and restocks of Skinless’ ‘Gut Pumping Hits’ and Bulldozer’s ‘The Exorcism’.

We’re also expecting a big update from Nuclear War Now! This includes a large restock of classic titles, such as Order from Chaos, Mystifier, Goatlord, Conqueror, Death Worship, and Antediluvian. Additionally, we’re also getting some new releases including Graveside, Fingernails, Aspid, the new Sex Messiah / Evil / Immortal Death split LP, Witchcraft, and the repress of the Sarcasm ‘Crematory’ LP.

And finally – we’ll have a bunch of stuff heading our way from Blood Harvest, featuring represses from Cryptic Shift and Bastard Priest, plus new releases such as the fantastic debut demo by Stenched from Mexico.

This will all go live from 4pm GMT today (Friday 29th March).