Necrophagia, Desecresy, Cruciamentum and more in big distro update

Happy Halloween, ghouls and girls 🎃

We have a big drop 🩸 this Friday on the distro.

🕸️ First up are the new releases from our friends in Spain, Down With The Most High Productions. This includes the Proclamation demo on vinyl and the Gorath demo on vinyl. If you’re not familiar with the label, you should check them out because their releases are quality.

🕷️ We’re also getting some restocks from Black Seeds and a couple of new releases from them, including the Deathfuckers and Marthyrium.

🧟‍♂️ There will be new releases from Everlasting Spew, including FesterDecay and the Nothingness albums.

💀 We have tons of records heading our way from Xtreem Music, including some classic represses from Sorcery, Purtenance, Killing Addiction, Crematory, Funebre etc and some new releases including Catacomb, Deteriorot, Desecresy and much more.

🕯️ We’re also getting copies of Obscenity’s ‘Perversion Mankind’ LP repress from Huangquan Records.

⚰️ The new Noxious Ruin magazine will be on the shelves, along with the new Cruciamentum record from Profound Lore, and a limited number of copies of Dismember’s ‘Skin Her Alive’ 7” from Seven Metal Inches.

🧙‍♀️ We’ll have lots from Hells Headbangers too. This includes some represses from Acid Witch and a repress of Necrophagia’s ‘Holocausto de la Morte’ on black vinyl and splatter vinyl.

🪦 Lastly, we have two new releases from Dark Descent, including the new Phobocosm album and a repress of the fantastic Jim Jones And The Kool-Ade Kids album from 1986.

You’ll find it all this Friday at 6pm GMT on Scary.