Distro update plus Grave Infestation / Sněť split 7”, Vacuous and Morbific album represses

Attention, dark souls! Today, please prepare yourselves for a sinister event at mesacounojo.com. The night is split into two harrowing drops – one at 5pm BST and the other at 6pm BST.

🔥 As the clock strikes 5pm, we shall unleash a collection of malevolent vinyl artefacts, including Torture Rack LP represses from Extremely Rotten Productions, and a slew of new offerings from Pulverised, including the monstrous Autophagy and Bastard Grave. In addition, we shall be stocking an abundance of fresh and fearsome releases from 20 Buck Spin, featuring the new albums from Void Ceremony and Kommand, as well as restocks from recent releases. Further, we have scoured the darkest corners of Italy to bring you a treasure trove of FOAD Records’ finest, including Disharmonic Orchestra, Rosenfeld and Voidd DLPs, and other nefarious offerings.
But that is not all, dear friends of the abyss. We shall also be unleashing a barrage of maleficence from the likes of Hell’s Headbangers, featuring such blasphemous acts as Beherit’s ‘Messe Des Morts’, Church of Disgust, Fluids, and Pharmacist, among others. And let us not forget the diabolical vinyl selection from NWN! including Stargazer, Necrophagia, and Blasphemy, as well as the nightmarish visions of Dark Recollections, including the Cenotaph DLP with the demos, restocks, and new titles from Nuclear Winter. In addition, we’ve conjured up the latest edition of Noxious Ruins magazine.

🔥 The terror does not end there. As the clock strikes 6pm, we will summon forth pre-orders for the latest releases from Dark Symphonies and Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Don’t miss the chance to grab a copy of the highly anticipated repress of the first and second Morbific albums, the Vacuous LP repress, and the abominable new Grave Infestation / Sněť split 7”.

Join us, if you dare, on this night of horror and mayhem at mesacounojo.com – where the darkness reigns and the music echoes in eternal damnation 🔥💀🔥

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