Morbific, Malignant Altar, Cryptworm and Incinerated pre-orders this Friday

Morbific’s ‘Squirm Beyond the Mortal Realm’ is out this month and the vinyl version will be available to pre-order from us tomorrow. There will be three different versions – putrid pustule green (pictured) exclusively available from MSUO, cloudy silver exclusively from Headsplit Records (USA), and classic black vinyl.

Morbific green vinyl
Me Saco Un Ojo pre-orders for Morbific begin tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm BST, along with the following:

  • Malignant Altar ‘Retribution Of Jealous Gods’ repress is arriving this month on MSUO and Dark Descent. This is an updated repress containing two extra live tracks, hear the whole thing on Bandcamp now. Three different versions will be available from both labels: yellow vinyl, swamp green vinyl and black vinyl.
  • Incinerated – ‘Lobotomise’ is getting repressed on MSUO. It will be out this month on a very limited press of 300 copies on yellow vinyl.
  • The debut demo of Costa Rican death metallers Candarian. Hear one of the tracks from ‘Stagnant Livor Mortis’ now on our Bandcamp. The demo will be available on cassette format.
  • Cryptworm – ‘Spewing Mephitic Putridity’ repress is coming out this month on yellow + green splatter vinyl and classic black vinyl.