Pressing Plant Delays: Galvanizer and Diabolizer vinyl

Galvanizer’s Prying Sight Of Imperception’ has been released and is fully streaming right now (below), the bad news is once again there are vinyl pressing plant delays. This time it looks like they’ll be shipping the records on the 12th August and we probably won’t have them here until the 15th. That goes for the Diabolizer record too, unfortunately.

Due to these production delays, all the releases we have planned for August are postponed until September, so there’ll be no new MSUO releases up on the site until we can see things are moving again.

Delays at pressing plants are a continuing problem for vinyl records globally, this has been particularly bad for smaller independent labels that release almost exclusively on vinyl such as ourselves. A Google search will reveal that there are a multitude of reasons for this, not limited to the pandemic, disruptions in the supply chain, Brexit, high demand (read = big labels clogging up the plants with unnecessary reissues) and Record Store Day (there are two per year) which has been a total pain for us since the very beginning of the label.

Now, the good news is we’re going to start shipping many of the European orders from outside of the UK to avoid complications with customs. For the time being, this will only apply to the orders that contain MSUO releases, but will apply to many of the Galvanizer and Diabolizer orders. We’ll be making a proper announcement about this shortly.

Coming soon on Me Saco Un Ojo Records:

  • Sulphurous’ second album
  • Hyperdontia’s second album
  • Cryptworm’s first full length
  • Rothadás’ first full length