Decomposed, Sulphurous and Faceless Burial pre-orders

Decomposed, Sulphurous and Faceless Burial pre-order

Ladies and gentlemen, we are going ahead with the pre-orders for the following new releases TOMORROW (Thursday):

  • Decomposed – Laid To Waste 2LP and CD
  • Sulphurous – Encircling Darkness 7”
  • Decomposed Longsleeve and T-shirt (new design)
  • Faceless Burial – Speciation LP (repress)

We’ll start to take pre-orders from 7pm GMT. We’ll increase the resources on the website to ensure it’ll run without any issues.

Note about limited editions:
There will be a limited edition for the Decomposed DLP and Sulphurous 7’’, and I’m going to allow 2 copies maximum per customer, as I understand you might want to place an order with your mate to save on shipping. But if we see anyone buying more than two limited edition copies per title, I will kick you in the bollocks and cancel your order.

Dark Descent *will* have some copies of the above limited editions!

I guess that many of you are waiting for an Undergang order, or waiting for the replacement of the Undergang record, so if you’re placing an order for any of the above I need you to add one of the following messages to the ’Notes’ section at checkout, to make it quicker for us:

Please combine this order with my previous order #YOUR-ORDER-NUMBER-HERE


Please include my replacement copy from order #YOUR-ORDER-NUMBER-HERE

So please have your previous order number(s) ready!

We’re going to start to ship all the orders from the 15th March, and we hope to be finished before we start to take pre-orders for the new Anatomia LP and the new releases from Maggot Stomp, 20 Buck etc. We’re getting all the new Maggot Stomp releases and all versions, so please don’t ask about this!

This is very important:
We’re not holding any orders this time, we won’t be combining with any future orders. Hope you guys understand, but we have a big backlog which we need to shift ASAP. Hope that’s clear.