Important: Label release freeze and shipping delays

We have decided to freeze all the upcoming MSUO releases until further notice. Mainly because two of our main suppliers are closed and we can’t put something up for pre-order which we have no idea when we’ll be able to ship. So I’m afraid there won’t be any pre-orders as we’d previously announced for the Cryptworm MLP and Fleshrot tape. The only pre-order we will have will be for the digital Cryptworm release, which is the only thing we can guarantee to deliver on time.

We’re still posting distro orders, but not as regular as before due to Post Office closures in the area.

However, in the next few days we’ll be adding new products to that are already on our shelves or on their way, eg. the represses of Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation, Krypts, the new Caustic Wound LP, the new Black Curse LP, all the new stuff from 20 Buck, the new stuff from Final Agony, new stuff from Super7, the new Infernal Rot LP and quite a lot of used vinyl.

I’d also like to let you guys know that we’re now shipping the new Hyperdontia 7’’, the repress of the Phrenelith LP and the repress of Nexus of Teeth, but we’re **not yet shipping** the Chaotian 12’’ as we’re still waiting for the sleeves and we will start shipping the Chaotian 12’’ pre-orders from Monday 4th May, I expect it will take over a week to ship them all so please be extra patient.

If you have a pending order and you want to place a new order which you wish to combine with it, please leave the order number in the notes at checkout and we’ll refund the difference in postage once it’s been processed.

We’ll be keeping you posted with further updates as and when. There’s a lot of exciting news and new releases on the way including the new Undergang LP, new Faceless Burial LP, new Astriferous MLP, the Cadaveribus demo tape, and loads more.

If any of you have questions about orders or upcoming releases etc, feel free to email me at [email protected] or drop a line on Facebook or Instagram.

Stay safe guys.