Yxxan – Misanthropic Impulse LP


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After two scathing demos, YXXAN offers their first proper full-length with MISANTHROPIC IMPULSE. A one-woman solo endeavor hailing from Sweden, YXXAN plays bestial grinding black metal with a vicious intensity, with all vocals and instruments handled by Stockholm native Morbid Aggressor. Aggressive and violent, YXXAN’s works recall the blunt brutality of bands like CONQUEROR and BEHERIT but also pay homage to the raw punk insanity of fellow countrymen ANTI CIMEX and TOTALITÄR. Icy drumming, raw production and dynamic song structures make for an experience that is as engaging as it is menacing. Militant, sharp-toothed and unflinching, MISANTHROPIC IMPULSE is an exceptional offering from this malevolent Swedish cult.