Wormed/Copremesis – Split 7”


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Sold out



Buried Zine presents the latest in Stayfree records’ unique 7-inch collaborations with two brutal death metal legends: WORMED and Copremesis. This split 7-inch contains previously unreleased live recordings for a strictly limited, never to be re-pressed, 200 disk, 2 colourway 7-inch release.

The A-side features two pro-recorded tracks, (PSEUDO-HORIZON and COMPUTRONIUM PULSAR NANARCHY) from WORMED’s hometown show at Sala Caracol, Madrid, 2019. This Buried Zine & Stayfree record is the first official live release from the band and the recordings demonstrate Wormed’s unquestioned status as the heaviest and most innovative contemporary death metal band.

The B side of the record carries the last surviving recordings of New York brutal death legends, Copremesis. These two rehearsal recordings from 2009 feature the title track from their only album, Muay Thai Ladyboys, and one previously unreleased track, Verb of the Noun.

These two bands were selected for this unique collaboration to celebrate the diversity and extremity of the brutal death metal scene, in both musical styles and conceptual approaches. WORMED’s progressive brutality, extreme musical precision and galactic themes contrast to the base perversity of Copremesis’ raw and darkly humoured metal.

The 7-inch includes a specially commissioned double-sided A1 poster with artwork created for both artists. The WORMED illustration is by Phlegeton Art Studio, the mastermind of all WORMED’s visual and conceptual design. The Copremesis side features a specially commissioned illustration from legendary Mangaka, Toshio Maeda, creator of Urotsukidōji (Legend of the Overfiend) and pioneer of Hentai and Tentacle Manga.