W.B.I. – Storm from the baltic sea – Early massacres 1987-1991 LP


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One of the oldest and most destructive Noise/Grind units from the infamous German scene that spawned cacophonic horrors like TUMOR, ANAL MASSAKER, B.G.T., VENTILATOR, B.R.B. and countless more!!
An exaustive collection of early W.B.I. works prior to their “Arschbombe Des Monats!” 12″.
LP including:
– “Stichpimpulibockforzelorum” 7″ EP (1990)
– Split 7″ with NECROPHILIACS (1991)
– “Arabischer Sackmantel” Demo (1990)
Bonus CD including:
with the same contents as the LP + the rare “Bart 1: Anti-Russen-Geholze” Demo 1987 (180 songs!!) one of the earliest recordings in the history Teutonic Noisecore + 3 unreleased sessions!

Fanzine styled booklet with liner notes, flyers and artworks of the original tapes/7″s and extra A3 poster!
Complete aural annihilation, hundreds of tracks blasting at heart-attack speed under an unstoppable onslaught of asthmatic screams and cavernous growls, for fans of the golden era of Noisecore (early AxCx, Sore Throat, Buka, 7MON)!!