VESPER – Hornbang in Hell 7”

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Looks like after all NECRODEATH, BULLDOZER and SCHIZO have done something right after all… Formed in Roma in 2008, VESPER are the latest black/thrash sensation coming out of Italy’s putrid sewers. With already a very limited split and full-length album underneath their (bulletproof) belt, those prowlers haven’t waited on either BUNKER66 nor AURA NOIR to thrash it all around, the 80’s way. A classic power-trio in the truest sense of the word, the first result of their (un)holy marriage with DOOMENTIA is their first set of fresh material in over three years, an EP recorded last November and rightfully titled ‘Hornbang in Hell’. We’re talking here of four tracks of pure unadulterated blackened rock n’ fuckin’ roll, fuelled by alcohol, hatred and hours of VENOM worshipping. As they’re saying themselves, “we play ‘fuck black vomit porn rock n’roll and we’re proud of it”. Need we say more motherfuckers or are you ready to bang that head that doesn’t bang??? For fans of: Bunker 66, Aura Noir, Venom, Necrodeath