Venefices – Incubacy // Succubacy LP


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From the ashes of cult Polish horde BESTIAL RAIDS comes a new offering of obscure black art. VENEFICES formed in 2019 in Kielce, featuring personnel who have contributed to the aforementioned BESTIAL RAIDS as well as DOOMBRINGER and CULTES DES GHOULES. “Venefices” is an archaic English word that fell out of use in the 1600s that roughly translates to “a sorcerous poisoning”. No name could be more apt for this group. A truly hexed bestial assault, VENEFICES’ sound is at once classically primitive and troublingly idiosyncratic. Maniacal blasts cascade over a morass of psychotic riffs to form a musical language that is truly sadistic. Of particular note here are the vocals, handled by Sadist. It is rare that an extreme metal vocalist can provide a performance that is this dynamic and menacing. It is chilling and fittingly poisonous. “INCUBACY // SUCCUBACY” compiles VENEFICES’ titular demos from 2020 and 2023, respectively.