Tomb Mold – Aperture Of Body 12” (Black Vinyl)


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In late 2022 Tomb Mold self-released what ultimately could be considered a prelude to their 4th album ‘The Enduring Spirit’. The ‘Aperture of Body’ EP was released on cassette format only and sold by the band directly to fans. 3 pressings of the tape all sold out within minutes.

The songs featured included an experimental extended intro and two tracks written during various periods of Tomb Mold’s hiatus between ‘Planetary Clairvoyance’ and ‘The Enduring Spirit’. The title track was written first, not long after the ‘Planetary Clairvoyance’ LP and has a similar atmosphere to that album. The EP’s closing track ‘Prestige of Rebirth’ came later and signaled much more presciently to what Tomb Mold would go on to achieve on their stunningly evolved 4th album ‘The Enduring Spirit’.

Interestingly, unlike previous self-released Tomb Mold cassette EPs, the songs on ‘Aperture of Body’ are totally exclusive to the EP and do not appear on ‘The Enduring Spirit’, making this EP a particularly unique addition to the Tomb Mold discography.