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Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
Complete necro-underground deathcore rottenness, one of the most abominable sonic crimes ever released on F.O.A.D.! MORBID AGRESSION (1987): barbaric and lethally chaotic thrash from this unknown horde hailing from north-eastern Italy.. Their only existing demo recently resurfaced out of nowhere, circulated among only a few local maniacs. Self labelled as “black core”, their style was combining the most furious elements from the Italian thrash wave of that time with some hardcore influences… this is one of the roughest recordings in the history of Italian metal, you are warned! SONIC TERRORISM (1989): Insane grind/noise ecatomb from this short lived brain-splattering torture squad! Their “Epileptic death” 18 song demo for the first time on vinyl. Brutal anti-musical catastrophe inspired by Sore Throat, O.L.D. and early day grindcore. Purge channel out of tune bass, a slaughtered beast on vocals and caveman drums are the formula of this extremely disturbing session. Includes 4 page insert with photos, scans of the original tapes and exclusive interviews with both bands.