SKINLESS – Gut Pumping Hits – The demos DLP


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Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies.
Complete early recordings collection (1994-1997) of New York’s undisputed Death Metal legend! Discover the gut slashing roots of these masters of gore and brutality. A special mention goes to their demotape “Swollen heaps”, often quoted as one of NYC’s most classic and bone crushing demos in the genre, the pinnacle of an era when Brutal Death Metal was still totally straight in the face and not inflated by excess of triggering and utterly artificial productions. Groovy riffs with plenty of chug, crushing breakdowns and technical blasting severity…
– Demo 1994
– “Swollen heaps” Demo 1995
– songs from the “Common ground” v.a. 1997
..compiled on a top sounding double LP housed in a high glossy gatefold sleeve!