RESPAWN THE PLAGUE – Gathering Of The Unholy ones 7” BLACK


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Is it necessary to break the envelope and reinventing the wheel, converting and transforming the music of the deceased and of the unholy, on an arithmetical exercise of vain instrumental onanism just to impress the (each time more infrequent) exigent death metal listener? Obviously not. A call to the ancients beliefs and the due respect to the heritage shall be satiating enough if the achievement, closes the circle tracing the line firmly with the help of talent. Glorification of the maestros may play an important role, as happens with Greece’s Respawn the Plague. As their moniker so appropriately states, a new breed of black winds of blasphemy freezes the faith and destroy the hopes of those the fearful ones spreading diseases and damnations. Engraving their music on dynamics, scales and a skilled execution which doesn’t necessary sacrifices the spirit of their art, the inspiring shadow of old gold Morbid Angel and acolytes may be so evident. But these convinced death dealers and motivated soul hunters, will encourage a new wave of voices to scream against the lies of God and his farrow of weakness, due to its convincing brutal honesty and uncompromising fury.