PROVOCATOR – Darkness is Rising 7”


When asked about how he would describe PROVOCATOR musical mission, Hellscream doesn’t even want to be bothered with any other tag than just ‘black metal”. Then again, what should you expect from BLEEDING FIST’s mainman? The Slovenian warrior has been conceiving from day one his music as a fist in the face of God and his brand-new solo project – in the truest sense of the word since he’s written and playing everything here – follows the same motto, albeit in an even more old-school and primitive way. What started off based on a lot of riffs ideas left unused by BLEEDING FIST has turned into an even more lo-fi and bestial form of black-metal, with claimed influences like HELLHAMMER, BEHERIT or VON. While a full-length and an upcoming split with cult Italian horde VATICAN IMPALER are already in the works, ‘Darkness is Rising’ is PROVOCATOR first official 7 inches. Four tracks of raw and blasphemous black-metal, done the right way and devoid of any studio trigger or other modern useless influences that would have ruined the whole atmosphere. One spin of, say, ‘Baphomet’s Cult’ or ‘Death To All’ and you’ll understand right away that PROVOCATOR stands for pure old-school black-metal and nothing else. The nightmare is just beginning…

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