Profane Order -Tightened Noose of Sanctimony LP


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Like a horror clawing its way out of the darkest pits, Profane Order’s ‘Tightened Noose of Sanctimony’ returns for the vinyl treatment. This destructive EP was originally set on an unsuspecting world in 2017, announcing the Montreal band’s arrival as feral force of bestial Black Metal. With a bristling arsenal of snarling riffs, breakneck blasting and disembodied roars, it represents the group’s first fully-formed release – a distillate of raw aggression and nightmares to come. From the disease-ridden guitar breaks of opener ‘Sick Seed Eradication’ to the slow burning torture of ‘Morbid Lust’, the first invocation of the group’s vile sound can be heard this merciless release. Now finally available in 12” vinyl format via Nuclear War Now! Productions, this special reissue includes twisted new artwork from Nether Temple Design and an insight into the band’s live form, with two bonus live tracks from the Messe Des Morts IX festival in 2019.