POISON – Bestial death LP


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Regular pressing on solid black vinyl + booklet.
Raw, extreme and BESTIAL blackened Death Metal at its most savage form. Recorded in fall 1985 and following their classic debut Demotape “Sons of evil”, this second chapter offers another journey into the realms of sonic perversion and mental obscurity. Ripped from the best sounding source that we found after selecting several copies from our team of collectors always ready to support, this LP offers another chapter in POISON’s uncompromised evil, keeping the original sound the most faithful and pristine as possible with that claustrophobic feeling of cavernous horror that no other band has been able to recreate at so crude dimensions. Alternating moments of ultra-fast (for the time) proto blasting mayhem with slowed down breaks of suffocating Doom, “Bestial death” recalls the sickest elements of Hellhammer’s demos and of course the school of Venom, or to keep it closer to Teutonic savagery, Sodom on their “Witching Metal” demotape. Deluxe sleeve with restored original artworks and a thick 16 page booklet ’80s fanzine styled including old interviews, reviews, flyers and rare photos. For the very first time on vinyl and of course licensed and approved by the band.