POISON – Awakening of the dead LP


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Regular edition on solid black vinyl + booklet.
3rd installement in FOAD’s deadly mission of bringing back to light POISON’s official Demotapes in the most complete and pristine shape. After their terrifying first two abominations (“Sons of evil” – 1985 and “Bestial death” -1985) and a live tape, 1986 sees these pioneering German maniacs deliver another nightmarish assault of dark, creepy Death Metal. It’s the turn of “Awakening of the dead” that even showing some kind of progress in their brutal primitivity and a 4-track production, still delivers the insane rawness and hallucinating morbidity they were feared for. On a promo sheet of the time they were describing it as follows: “POISON play a very extreme mixture of ultra-fast + ripping Death Metal and more classical, Black Sabbath-inspired Doom stuff, without trying to follow and special trend or ripping off any famous band”. It’s all there, think of a death chamber unleashing the most stabbing screams of terror in a chtlulhu-ish pace alternating blasts of uncontrolled fury with Hellhammer tinged breakdowns. Once again mastered at Toxic Basement Studio from the best sounding source in existence still keeping the impact and genuinity of the original sound as it was on tape. Deluxe sleeve with restored original artworks and a thick 16 page booklet ’80s fanzine styled including old interviews, reviews, flyers and rare photos. For the very first time on vinyl and of course licensed and approved by the band.