Nuclearhammer – Xaos Tenawas – Demo MMXXIII LP


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NUCLEARHAMMER have spent nearly two decades establishing themselves as one of the most feared names in the prestigious Canadian black/death pantheon. Their first recorded release since 2014’s massive “Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer” LP, XAOS TENAWAS – DEMO MMXXIII presents two dreadful compositions of swirling black chaos from an inhuman abyss. Opening track “Majesty of Pestilential Imperium” navigates an intricate web of miasmic psychopathy, its serpentine structure firmly enunciating an adherence to total bestial black death. The second and final track “Avatar Personification of the Earthly Spirit in Metaphysical Form” offers the listener no respite, from its sickening electronic beginnings to the lurching, spectral expansiveness of its corpus. This is music from the beyond, its origins seemingly emanating from a primordial cosmos. Drenched in fog and obscurity, this demo recalls the iconoclastic approach of fellow countrymen ANTEDILUVIAN as well as the unabashedly horrific works of TEITANBLOOD.