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It’s finally here! The newest installment of Noxious Ruin Magazine. Volume 7 is packed to the gills with putrid, vomitous content. Clocking in at 130 pages, this is our biggest issue yet. Featuring interviews with the likes of MACHETAZO, BILE/SKULLHOG, MORGUE BREATH, SEQUESTRUM, TRANSGRESSOR, NARCIS BOTER (AKA DEMONOMANIA_666), GREG WILKINSON OF EARHAMMER PROD/DEATHGRAVE and the final installment of our trilogy with ROKK of SADISTIK EXEKUTION! Articles, columns, and opinion pieces covering Gauze, Canadian Death Metal, Eye-Splitting Horror, Shitty Records, Shitty Haircuts & much more! One of the most insane pieces of cover art yet, featuring art by Alex Pyromallis (@inkrituals)

If that’s not enough bang for yer buck, we’ve assembled another world-renowned compilation of horrendous death/grind/extreme metal from around the globe. 16 bands this time around including NECESSARY DEATH, MORDLOCH, KUSARU, CURSE OF FLESH, EAT THE DECAY, LEPROPHILIAC, GRAVAVGRAV, IMPUGNER, SKULLHOG, DEATHGRAVE, VACUOUS, HATEFILLED, DOLDREY, CAUSTIC PHLEGM, INFANDUS, & IMPENDING ROT. The comp features an insane FOUR PANEL foldout featuring head-shrinking art from Claudio Scialabba!

BUT WAIT….there’s more. An 8.5×11 screen print featuring art from the undisputed king of nasty photo-manipulation, @CVSPE will be included! Random color card stock and inks.