Be prepared for an in depth interview with New England doom trio OGRE and UK doom trio WITCHSORROW

Also featured is doom record label RIDING EASY RECORDS as well as an interview with a band off their roster, the impressive MONOLORD!

Other amazing bands interviewed are Spanish one man doom/death project DEPRIVE, UK atmospheric black metal magicians FEN, UK doom band MONOLITH CULT, Canadian sludge lords ALGOMA, Spanish black metal outfit BALMOG, UK one man black metal band WRITTEN IN TORMENT, UK Sludge crew BAST, Finnish atmospheric black metal project AURIEL, amazing French band REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, Spanish death metallers CRUZ, and UK heavy metal band NEVERWORLD

Plus a very in depth interview by Steve Earles with CRUMBLING GHOST, and I interview the drone doom band who Metal Archives says aren’t metal… BLUT! Also featured are KINESTHESIA from my home town of Sheffield, Birmingham’s death metal tyrants ABSOLUTION, the North-East’s newest prospect BONE TOMB, Canada’s newest speed metal mayhem bringers LUGER, the UK’s newest death metal masterminds VACIVUS.

Other bands featured are WITCHTRIPPER, CONFOUNDED from Brazil and the return of THE FECAL RAG that this issue features Austrian gore-grind powerhouse VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC.

Not only that but there are multiple reviews, the return of BLEURGH THE CAT and an interesting feature on new label THE YOSHIWARA COLLECTIVE!

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