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This issue features a terrific in depth discussion with one of the grand-daddy’s of Heavy and Doom Metal, Mr BOBBY LEIBLING Esquire of the mighty PENTAGRAM!

Also I talk with ANDREW CRAIGHAN, guitarist from Yorkshire’s finest doom forefathers MY DYING BRIDE!

A superb band who have made a welcome return is Sweden’s SORCERER and I got to catch up with them about how it feels to be back and their opinions on the modern day scene. Also my favourite album of this years has to be VISIGOTH’s “The Revenant King” and I got to speak with vocalist Jake Rogers about the new album and much more besides. If you like heavy/doom metal which a hint of power metal then Visigoth are for you.

Other great bands featured are Finnish speed metal merchants SPEEDTRAP,

BLACK METAL FANS? Don’t despair you have not been forgotten and there is a great interview with UKBM band INQUINAMENTUM, Norwegian BM cult MASSEMORD, the excellent Venezuelan BM project SELBST, the impressive BELLICISTE, German duo PATH, another superb BM project, VERLASSEN

For you DOOM METAL lovers we have UK Stoner outfit CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT, XII BOAR, & KUOLEMANLAAKSO, all superb bands!!

For the DEATH METAL freaks we have the mighty VORE, and Cumbria’s own SEVERE LACERATIONS!

Also featured are Canadian Metal band TITAN’S EVE, & German thrashers PANZER SQUAD.

PLUS, Steve Earles has TWO blast from the pasts for you and a little talk he had with SPIRITUAL BEGGARS original vocalist/guitarist SPICE! AND… I speak with the man behind MINOTAURO RECORDS.

Not enough for you? I bring you the first in a new feature as DENIGRATA HERSELF SPEAKS! You’ll have to read it to find out what it’s about!

The FECAL RAG returns with Italian one man gore-grind project CADAVER CUM and Brazilian gore grind band CARNIVORE MIND!

Lastly and once again BLURGH THE CAT is here to tickle your funny bone. So ENJOY!!