NECROLEPSY – Necrology LP + CD


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Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.

Out there in the remote lands of humid Finland, among animal carcasses rotting in the swamps a short-lived project was born that crept among the death-grind plagues and boils of Autopsy and Impetigo.. a putrid, rotting creature of abominable deformity. Necrolepsy’s short, obscure unlife was a brief burst into the underground that evolved over the course of several cassettes released in limited numbers, all collected on this ultimate release that testifies to their existence on rotten blood drenched vinyl.

LP including:
– Nekrokaaos (reh/demo)
– Deathnoise (demo)
– Rot in piss (demo
– First ever tracks
Insert with liner notes, scans of the demotapes and band photos. Bonus CD with the same contents + extra rehearsal tracks! It also features one of the earliest works of Dahmer Art.