Møremyrk – MMXXII Demos Cass


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For some bands out there in the vast overgrowth of the underground, ultimate evisceration is well and truly the name of the game. It’s what many set out to achieve with varying forms of intensity gracing the many different approaches from each style having to offer that the others do not. Rising from the underrated Indonesian metal scene, Møremyrk puts forth an offensive that offers up one of the most bombastic and undeniably filthy death-doom creations whose horrific visages cannot be easily dismissed. To gaze upon what Møremyrk has conjured from the writhing darkness is to become one with madness in a mere instant as it’s through unyielding in its conquest of grim-riddled domination that Møremyrk commands existence itself to contort and bend itself to the will of the band. Through dirges of immense heaviness and explosions of raw energy, the 18-minute onslaught of this demo already promises unfettered desolation and extinction heretofore undreamt throughout the lands. The Indonesian scene has already had more than a few well-kept secrets in its waters, and it is here that Møremyrk proves itself to be one of the latest and most promising primal forces within that mysterious scene.