Lucubration – Aspiration Of Corrupted Ancient Blood LP


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NWN! Productions is proud to present “Aspiration of Corrupted Ancient Blood,” the first demo from Finnish group LUCUBRATION. From some of the twisted minds behind OKSENNUS and KUILU, this demo consists of two expansive tracks of total sonic oppression. While this music shares a kinship with the pounding barbarism of CONQUEROR and BEHERIT and the bizarre, sculptural death metal of ANTEDILUVIAN, LUCUBRATION pushes their art into uniquely disturbing realms of abstraction and unease. Album opener “Decease the Rotten Beast” offers its listener a bludgeoning of unrelenting darkness before its blasts are torn apart by an excruciating staccato coupled with suffocating harsh noise. Subverting any and all expectations, the track moves into pure electronic abstraction and, ultimately, silence. The intentionality of its negative space is truly unsettling. The titular second track further deconstructs the form of its own genre, beginning with mournful power electronics recalling “Hole in the Heart”-era RAMLEH buried under layers of choking funeral doom. The atmosphere shares a commonality with fellow funeralists STABAT MATER while still existing firmly in its own paradigm. LUCUBRATION is a compelling entity whose very existence suggests that the limits of extreme music have not yet been clearly defined nor discovered. Limited to 250 copies on 160 gram vinyl with jacket and insert.