Idle Ruin – The Fell Tyrant LP




Crudely fused together in the sweathouse that is Brisbane, Australia comes IDLE RUIN. Combining blackened thrash with classic death metal, IDLE RUIN began as a studio project by drummer/vocalist Liam Anthony during the COVID lockdowns of 2020, before quickly developing into a fully-fledged live outfit. In their short existence, IDLE RUIN has managed to shovel out 3 releases: 2020’s Self-titled EP, 2022’s “Malefactors” split with Germany’s BOUNDLESS CHAOS, and 2023’s full-length album “The Fell Tyrant”.

In 2023, IDLE RUIN relocated from Australia to Berlin, Germany and will begin their European live debut this year.

Now, their debut album “The Fell Tyrant” will be available on limited vinyl.

ltd. 400 (250 x black vinyl + 150 x opaque red vinyl)
12“ insert, A2 poster, dl-code