HYPERDONTIA – Excreted From the Flesh 7”

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Slaughtering guitar riffs and maniacal blastbeats delve right into the crypts of classic Death Metal with unhinging instrumental convulsing and spewed vocals. The sheer meatiness of the guitar riffs is totally putrid with the upbeat drum onslaughts and vitriolic snarls to make for one decimating Death Metal sound. The churning, chugging and blistering tracks deliver us into the twisted cemetery of Hyperdontia’s immense songwriting which drips forth an ichorous ooze of total Death Metal might. Not only is this barbarically heavy but also adds in some mind-bending, warped ideas akin to Blood Incantation that furthers the huge sound of the band. This crusty, filthy EP will have your brain rotted in under ten minutes with relentless storming assault of brutality. Thick, warm and mould-laden, there is certainly no getting the claustrophobically frenzied yet blunt impact from these tracks out of your mind.

Within the second track, there is some excellent cutting bass that accentuates the furious riffing and blastbeats into even more disturbing, swirling odious realms for a hypnotically disgusting listen. Do not miss out on this monumental slice of dizzyingly filthy, stomping Death Metal as it delivers pure, unadulterated ferocity the way it was supposed to be, sensationally rancid.