Horror Of Horrors – Sounds Of Eerie LP


Sold Out

Sold out



Four-color mixed splash vinyl / Only Limited to 300 copies / 180g vinyl /
The album was released on official vinyl for the first time / It is expected to be pre-order in March and ready by the end of April.

A Cult death metal classic from Maryland, an album that can’t be missed by anyone who listens to old school death metal, an absolute death metal gem,Under the cloak of terror lies an even more terrifying meaning.let us live in terror and death…
The cover of the first edition has been restored in more detail, but we have kept the original cover, official to the authorized release, stay tuned,can’t be forgotten classic……..Don’t sleep, death metal fans, vinyl collectors, follow us! If no one else is doing it, we will. Don’t worry, this is just the beginning….