Goatkraft – Prophet of Eternal Damnation LP


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It’s been four years since GOATKRAFT’s celebrated debut album for IRON BONEHEAD, Sulphurous Northern Bestiality, and nothing has changed for the Norwegian power-trio: their monochromatic muse is as locked-in and lascivious as ever. Just one look at the cover of their second album, Prophet of Eternal Damnation, and you should know EXACTLY what you’re getting into. If you are a false, do not entry.

Still, GOATKRAFT are superlative for the bestial metal style, and prove it across the 30 thundering minutes of Prophet of Eternal Damnation. While the Ross Bay Cult doubtlessly provided the foundation for the bestial arts, it was the likes of progeny Black Witchery and Proclamation who made those arts more murderous and uncompromising. Likewise uncompromising, GOATKRAFT carry that sulfurous torch with their second full-length, delivering detonating screeds of grinding, expulsive black filth. If anything, their attack is even more unhinged than ever – bringing out the grindcore roots of the form, as it were – and solos and FX explode from nearly every direction, whipping forth a fury both punishing and possessing. The full-figure production only makes the experience that much more overwhelming.

No progression, no compromise, no hope: GOATKRAFT herald the Prophet of Eternal Damnation.