Electrocution – Inside The Unreal Picture Disc


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180g vinyl / The album was released on official Pic vinyl for the first time / From Italy’s “Electrocution” this is a legendary technical death knock/technical death metal / It’s their first full-length album, it’s the most classic full-length album, we’ve kept the original cover, it’s one of the most memorable albums in death metal history / The aggressive arrangements and overall sound, the seamless death metal hits, the artistic Liu Chang frame, and the unparalleled suffocation will keep you from pulling yourself away / Guitar sound and production as if the feeling of electric shock, let your body numb, if you are not numb, then you must not serious taste / We are proud to release the official pic vinyl version / stay tuned,can’t be forgotten classic……..Don’t sleep, death metal fans, vinyl collectors, follow us! If no one else is doing it, we will. Don’t worry, this is just the beginning….Pre-orders will be available in early June and shipments will be made after June 26….Limited to 300 copies only