DIVINE ECSTASY – Strange Passions MLP

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Hailing from the darkest and dingiest recesses of Detroit’s metal underground, DIVINE ECSTASY are a sonic embodiment of all that post-apocalyptic city’s grit and grime, simply taken to a black metal extreme. This filthy foursome are unapologeticaly raw and regressionist, hailing the most ancient, trend-free days of early BLACK fucking METAL. Such gods as pre-Viking Bathory, Mayhem, Root, Bulldozer, and Master’s Hammer are indeed hailed – as well as later torch-carriers like early Ulver, Dodheimsgard, Judas Iscariot, and Hades (Norway) – and then desecrated in a most salacious manner, so sick and sickening is the heart that beats black blood through DIVINE ECSTASY. Indeed, Strange Passions is aptly titled, for perversion and Bacchanalia guide these six mini-anthems as surely as devil worship and the invoking of demons – and it’s all done with a Loki-like sense of wrongness. Truly, these Strange Passions are so wrong, they’re right…right inside the depths of DIVINE ECSTASY!