DEIQUISITOR – Sword Of Pestilence 7” (Black Vinyl)


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Arriving like an unbidden nightmare from the depths of the abyss, Denmark’s Deiquisitor follow last year’s eerily unsettling debut LP with four fresh corpse-molesting tracks of hideously crypt-infested death metal. Down-tuned and relentless, the sound is unutterably oppressive. A demon-spawning assault of inventive-yet-traditional filth, each element shines through in horrifyingly disgusting style. The ceaseless barrage of death-factory percussion progresses the sound endlessly forward, while hell-dwelling vocals stand atop a mountain of putrefaction constructed from the guitar/bass interplay of this imperious three-piece. A trip into the mountains of madness from which you may not return, simply put, this is too disturbing for most…keep away if you value your sanity. We don’t.