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Spewed forth from the festering sore of Portland, Oregon in 2020, the pus-laden sounds of DEHISCENCE have quietly wept in the shadows of back-alley abortion clinics, nursing homes, and trauma centers alike. Now encrusted in physical form by guitarists Gangrene and Stillbirth along with kidnapped drummer Hammer Pulse, DEHISCENCE prepares to infect the world with their ultra-dense, disease-ridden, and pissed-off brand of death metal and grindcore. Drawing influence from old-school classics as well as forgotten off-kilter gems, the trio delivers an aural bludgeoning that feels like being smashed in the face with a rusty sledgehammer. On Colony, their eight-song/17-minute debut offering, your mind will be mashed to mush – and quickly.

DEHISCENCE feature members from Diabolic Oath and Funebrarum, and are recommended for fans of Immortal Fate, Caustic Wound, Infernal Torment, Contaminated, P.L.F., Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Internal Rot, and Terrorizer. Colony was mastered by Stephen Hoffman (Coffin Rot, Oxygen Destroyer). Originally released on CD and tape at the end of last year, Colony now finds a long-overdue vinyl release courtesy of BLOOD HARVEST, hereby spreading the DEHISCENCE disease further!